Oil of Etherealness

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Do you dislike people being able to see you? Need to sneak in somewhere forbidden or are you just antisocial? Well whatever the reason, The Secret Cat Shop is proud to announce our better alternative to pressing your hands over your eyes and screaming "I CAN'T SEE YOU SO YOU CAN'T SEE ME", Oil of Etherealness.

Please read the label: Recipient must be fully doused for spell to take effect. Lasts 8 hours. No interaction with the Material Plane possible during time in the Ethereal Plane. The Secret Cat Shop takes no responsibility for hooded monstrosities hunting you or giant flaming eyes asking for jewellery.

This potion art was designed by Samantha Darcy for these pins!

40 mm hard enamel pin with silver plating and 2 butterfly clutches. Comes with cute backing card!