Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game
Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game

Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game

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Delve is a solo drawing game about digging too deep. This tactical game puts you in control of a dwarven hold as you dig deep (possibly too deep) and greedily (possibly too greedily) into the world.

Along the way you'll draw unique strongholds with the rooms you build and locales you discover. But be warned! The world is far from quiet beneath your feet, prepare to defend yourself with some lightweight but satisfying tactical combat.

Not only is Delve fun in its own right, its a great tool for world building and creating organic feeling locations for your RPG or Novel.

To play Delve you will need a pencil, paper to draw your hold, a notepad, a standard deck of playing cards, and tokens. 

Delve is an A5 black and white zine with 44 pages.

Written by Anna Blackwell